James & Edith Wedding Day

James and Edith had a beautiful September day for their wedding. I loved communicating with Edith over the summer, she was very organized and communicative. My first impression of James and Edith was that they were going to be a sweet, quiet couple. Well, they were certainly sweet, but very caring and genuine. I really enjoyed this day with them, they were very easy to be around. They weren’t boisterous, but they weren’t as quiet as my first impression. 🙂

They planned an indoor ceremony, and a tent reception, complete with a sky lantern send off, and their getaway vehicle was a tractor. They went with a rustic theme, with lots of sunflowers. The cake was gorgeous!

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My second shooter: Laura Yoder

In Memory of Edith’s mother, who passed away very recently, just shy of 4 months after this wedding day. I only met her on this day, but she was a sweet, beautiful lady.

I love black and white candids.

There were so many tiny babies at this wedding. Someone said that there were three babies there that were 2 weeks old!

We snuck away from the reception for a few golden sunset photos. No regrets.

Congratulations, James and Edith. All my very best as you walk through life together.

Love, Lisa

Jeff & Susie Wedding Day

I was so excited when Susie got in touch with me about possibly photographing their wedding day. Jeff is from the same area I am from in TN, so I knew him and his family, and Susie is from Canada. Due to restrictions, they decided to move their wedding to TN instead of having it in Canada.

Susie had the greatest group of friends behind her making sure everything happened. It was a beautiful wedding day. The ambience as they were getting ready was so perfect. They had candles lit, coffee, beautiful wedding day music playing, and lots of laughter.

I loved watching Jeff and Susie interact on their wedding day. Jeff just adored Susie, and Susie glowed. They read each other their vows at their first look, and it was so sweet.

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My second shooter: Delores Bauman

Video: HM productions

Dress: Willemijntjie’s Bridal

Catering: Family and friends

Cheesecakes: Delores Bauman

Flowers: The brides friends and bridesmaids

Hairstylists: Amy Hershberger, & Ashley Hochstetler

I don’t share a lot of the family photos except the full family photos, but we always have a shot list for all the formal family shots the bride and groom want.

This is where being flexible and trusting your vendors goes a long way on your wedding day. We had planned to do sunset photos, after the couple ate their meal, before dessert. However, during the ceremony, the videographers and I noticed how quickly the sun was fading, because of the location being in front of a hill. So we quickly grabbed the couple after they walked down the aisle, before they headed into the reception and asked if we could switch things up and quickly do the sunset photos right then. Thankfully Jeff and Susie were so flexible and willing to wait a few minutes on their delicious tacos.

It was so worth it. If we had waited even 15 minutes more, the light would have been gone.

This taco bar. Best taco bar I’ve ever had. I still think about it. It was amazing.

One of the sweetest moments I caught at the reception was of Susie pulling roses out of her bouquet and handing them to her new little nieces and nephews that were looking at them with longing eyes. One of her bridesmaids said “That’s such a Susie thing to do.”

Congratulations, Jeff & Susie!! We absolutely loved capturing your wedding day!!

Love, Lisa

Kenny & Sylvia Wedding Day

This wedding was definitely a favorite for me from this past year. I loved every bit of time I spent with Kenny and Sylvia. They are such a happy go lucky couple, and so sweet – their happiness was so contagious.

We started this August wedding day fairly early in the morning, with their first look, couple photos, and bridal party photos. Then we had a few hours off for lunch and relaxing and came back to do a few getting ready photos and family portraits just before the ceremony.

They had been planning to have their reception outdoors, but all week it called for rain in the afternoon so they finally made the decision to have the reception indoors. And then guess what?! It didn’t rain. (Que all the laughing and crying emojis.) I think we were all a bit bummed with that turn of events, but what does one do?! Regardless, the indoor reception was still very lovely. And we had some beautiful light to snag some after ceremony portraits. So it all turned out well.

My second shooter: Karla Myers

Video: Zebro Media

Dress: Donita Martin

Fabric: Fabrik Attik

Catering: Hess’s BBQ

Cupcakes: Splatterbatter by Abbi

Florist: Janita Krahn

After their first look, they read their vows to each other.

After we had taken a bunch of photos in this location, of course then the owners decided to turn the fountain on. So we had to grab a few more. 🙂

Such a big fan of the colors Sylvia chose. Blush pink is such a flattering color for bridesmaids, and navy is the perfect complimenting color.

After they greeted their guests, the guests each had their polaroid photo taken, and then signed the guest book before getting their appetizer and entering the reception.

We snuck the couple outside for a few glowy portraits before the sun set.

And then headed back inside for delicious dessert!

All of the couple’s Hillcrest friends and alumni who were able to be there.

Congratulations, Kenny & Sylvia!! It was so fun to be part of your day and witness your love for each other. Blessings.

Love, Lisa

Tim & Jamie Wedding

Tim and Jamie had my second July wedding of last year. I felt so honored to be asked to photograph this wedding; as I had also captured Jamie’s sister, Sage’s, wedding last year.

These 2 have the most fun, interesting story. Jamie is from VA, Tim is from PA. They met in Alaska while they were both there teaching school. They dated in Alaska, came back to Virginia to get married, then headed back to Alaska to set up housekeeping. Such a fun adventure.

They kept their bridal party to mostly siblings, and also had the smallest bridal party I’ve ever photographed, with only 4 people in the bridal party. I didn’t realize how much less time it can take on photos with a small bridal party. So if you are looking for a way to save some time on your day and simplify things, small bridal party is a great option. But small, or big, bridal party photos are always so fun!!

I loved that they used giant antlers from Alaska as part of the reception decor. It was simple and so elegant.

They served Pork BBQ at the reception and it was delicious. After lots of laughs during open mike time, we left to finish the day with a few more couple portraits. It was a lovely day.

My second shooter: Maurita Hochstetler

Congratulations, Tim and Jamie! I wish you all the best wherever your adventures take you.

Love, Lisa

LeVon & Andrea Wedding

Andrea and LeVon got married back in early July. It’s almost hard to remember now how warm that day was, but it was so beautiful. I loved seeing how excited this sweet couple was to be getting married, and they were an inspiring couple to me. Their first look was one of my favorites from this year. Huge smiles and so much laughter. Andrea was just the happiest bride.

This wedding was also fun for me because it was local. I was even able to run home as we had extra time between morning portraits and the ceremony and give my kiddos a snuggle. 🙂 Also, I love running ahead of time on photo schedules. 🙂

Seeing as it was local also meant that I could do detail shots the day before as well. Andrea opted out of getting ready photos, but she still wanted her details captured. I think a common misconception about “getting ready photos” is that they are only of you getting ready, but no, they are the time when we capture all of these detail photos as well. So even if you as a bride don’t think you want getting ready photos, I highly recommend still setting aside the time for your detail photos. It just adds such a pretty touch to your finished gallery.

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My second shooter: Barry Brubaker

Andrea’s Dress: Carolyn Fisher

Flowers: Carol Gheman

Additional flower arrangements: Jennita Wagner

Caterers: Delmar Diem family

There was the most insane sunrise light that morning. LOVED IT.

This particular church conference doesn’t allow photography during the actual ceremony. So skipping on to the recessional.

LeVon and Andrea ushered their guests out themselves.

This is one of my favorite churches to shoot in – White, neutral colored carpets, and natural light.

Credits to Barry for this fun overhead shot of the food tables.

We finished the day with a few more couple photos.

Blessings to you, LeVon & Andrea!! Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day.

Love, Lisa

Zachary & Samantha Wedding Day

Zach and Samantha had the prettiest June wedding in TN. I really really enjoyed this wedding day, particularly Samantha’s family. Every wedding is exciting, but the first family wedding just has an extra layer of excitement. 🙂

We actually did detail shots the evening before, because we had an early morning, and my schedule allowed for doing them the day before.

I loved the colors Samantha chose, Blush, and different shades of teal and blue.

Samantha also cooked most of the wedding meal herself! Pork BBQ, baked beans, and coleslaw. With a beautiful cake bar for dessert.

It was so beautiful to watch Zach and Samantha throughout the day, their love for the other was so evident, and it was a joy to capture.

My second shooter: Maurita Hochstetler

Video: Yoder Productions