Jeff & Susie Wedding Day

I was so excited when Susie got in touch with me about possibly photographing their wedding day. Jeff is from the same area I am from in TN, so I knew him and his family, and Susie is from Canada. Due to restrictions, they decided to move their wedding to TN instead of having it in Canada.

Susie had the greatest group of friends behind her making sure everything happened. It was a beautiful wedding day. The ambience as they were getting ready was so perfect. They had candles lit, coffee, beautiful wedding day music playing, and lots of laughter.

I loved watching Jeff and Susie interact on their wedding day. Jeff just adored Susie, and Susie glowed. They read each other their vows at their first look, and it was so sweet.

Keep scrolling to see their day!

My second shooter: Delores Bauman

Video: HM productions

Dress: Willemijntjie’s Bridal

Catering: Family and friends

Cheesecakes: Delores Bauman

Flowers: The brides friends and bridesmaids

Hairstylists: Amy Hershberger, & Ashley Hochstetler

I don’t share a lot of the family photos except the full family photos, but we always have a shot list for all the formal family shots the bride and groom want.

This is where being flexible and trusting your vendors goes a long way on your wedding day. We had planned to do sunset photos, after the couple ate their meal, before dessert. However, during the ceremony, the videographers and I noticed how quickly the sun was fading, because of the location being in front of a hill. So we quickly grabbed the couple after they walked down the aisle, before they headed into the reception and asked if we could switch things up and quickly do the sunset photos right then. Thankfully Jeff and Susie were so flexible and willing to wait a few minutes on their delicious tacos.

It was so worth it. If we had waited even 15 minutes more, the light would have been gone.

This taco bar. Best taco bar I’ve ever had. I still think about it. It was amazing.

One of the sweetest moments I caught at the reception was of Susie pulling roses out of her bouquet and handing them to her new little nieces and nephews that were looking at them with longing eyes. One of her bridesmaids said “That’s such a Susie thing to do.”

Congratulations, Jeff & Susie!! We absolutely loved capturing your wedding day!!

Love, Lisa

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