Kenny & Sylvia Wedding Day

This wedding was definitely a favorite for me from this past year. I loved every bit of time I spent with Kenny and Sylvia. They are such a happy go lucky couple, and so sweet – their happiness was so contagious.

We started this August wedding day fairly early in the morning, with their first look, couple photos, and bridal party photos. Then we had a few hours off for lunch and relaxing and came back to do a few getting ready photos and family portraits just before the ceremony.

They had been planning to have their reception outdoors, but all week it called for rain in the afternoon so they finally made the decision to have the reception indoors. And then guess what?! It didn’t rain. (Que all the laughing and crying emojis.) I think we were all a bit bummed with that turn of events, but what does one do?! Regardless, the indoor reception was still very lovely. And we had some beautiful light to snag some after ceremony portraits. So it all turned out well.

My second shooter: Karla Myers

Video: Zebro Media

Dress: Donita Martin

Fabric: Fabrik Attik

Catering: Hess’s BBQ

Cupcakes: Splatterbatter by Abbi

Florist: Janita Krahn

After their first look, they read their vows to each other.

After we had taken a bunch of photos in this location, of course then the owners decided to turn the fountain on. So we had to grab a few more. 🙂

Such a big fan of the colors Sylvia chose. Blush pink is such a flattering color for bridesmaids, and navy is the perfect complimenting color.

After they greeted their guests, the guests each had their polaroid photo taken, and then signed the guest book before getting their appetizer and entering the reception.

We snuck the couple outside for a few glowy portraits before the sun set.

And then headed back inside for delicious dessert!

All of the couple’s Hillcrest friends and alumni who were able to be there.

Congratulations, Kenny & Sylvia!! It was so fun to be part of your day and witness your love for each other. Blessings.

Love, Lisa

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