Tim & Jamie Wedding

Tim and Jamie had my second July wedding of last year. I felt so honored to be asked to photograph this wedding; as I had also captured Jamie’s sister, Sage’s, wedding last year.

These 2 have the most fun, interesting story. Jamie is from VA, Tim is from PA. They met in Alaska while they were both there teaching school. They dated in Alaska, came back to Virginia to get married, then headed back to Alaska to set up housekeeping. Such a fun adventure.

They kept their bridal party to mostly siblings, and also had the smallest bridal party I’ve ever photographed, with only 4 people in the bridal party. I didn’t realize how much less time it can take on photos with a small bridal party. So if you are looking for a way to save some time on your day and simplify things, small bridal party is a great option. But small, or big, bridal party photos are always so fun!!

I loved that they used giant antlers from Alaska as part of the reception decor. It was simple and so elegant.

They served Pork BBQ at the reception and it was delicious. After lots of laughs during open mike time, we left to finish the day with a few more couple portraits. It was a lovely day.

My second shooter: Maurita Hochstetler

Congratulations, Tim and Jamie! I wish you all the best wherever your adventures take you.

Love, Lisa

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