LeVon & Andrea Wedding

Andrea and LeVon got married back in early July. It’s almost hard to remember now how warm that day was, but it was so beautiful. I loved seeing how excited this sweet couple was to be getting married, and they were an inspiring couple to me. Their first look was one of my favorites from this year. Huge smiles and so much laughter. Andrea was just the happiest bride.

This wedding was also fun for me because it was local. I was even able to run home as we had extra time between morning portraits and the ceremony and give my kiddos a snuggle. 🙂 Also, I love running ahead of time on photo schedules. 🙂

Seeing as it was local also meant that I could do detail shots the day before as well. Andrea opted out of getting ready photos, but she still wanted her details captured. I think a common misconception about “getting ready photos” is that they are only of you getting ready, but no, they are the time when we capture all of these detail photos as well. So even if you as a bride don’t think you want getting ready photos, I highly recommend still setting aside the time for your detail photos. It just adds such a pretty touch to your finished gallery.

Scroll on to see this beautiful, love-filled wedding day!

My second shooter: Barry Brubaker

Andrea’s Dress: Carolyn Fisher

Flowers: Carol Gheman

Additional flower arrangements: Jennita Wagner

Caterers: Delmar Diem family

There was the most insane sunrise light that morning. LOVED IT.

This particular church conference doesn’t allow photography during the actual ceremony. So skipping on to the recessional.

LeVon and Andrea ushered their guests out themselves.

This is one of my favorite churches to shoot in – White, neutral colored carpets, and natural light.

Credits to Barry for this fun overhead shot of the food tables.

We finished the day with a few more couple photos.

Blessings to you, LeVon & Andrea!! Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day.

Love, Lisa

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