Jason & Jennifer Wedding

I could write so much about this day.

Jenn and Jason put so much thought into their day. It was one of the most perfect wedding days I have ever experienced. I teared up so many times at the heartfelt moments.

Jenn is my first cousin, once removed (yes I do have that figured out), and Jason is actually a cousin of mine as well. No worries, they are NOT related. I thought for years that they were also related, and when I realized they weren’t, I wondered why on earth they weren’t a couple. I am so happy for them that they found each other in the end. As multiple people said, Jenn and Jason wouldn’t be the people they are if they had dated or married earlier. Their individual life experiences will make their life together even richer. I think each guest who was able to be at their beautiful September wedding felt so honored.

From the outdoor ceremony, and the classical music drifting over the pond as the bridal party drifted gracefully over the little bridge and toward the ceremony – I wished I was a videographer instead of a photographer in that moment – to the tent reception as the evening wore on. It gave me goosebumps it was so beautiful.

This may be a very long post, because this wedding day was a story, and there’s no way to just share highlights. You definitely want to scroll to see this wedding!

We started with the groom and groomsmen getting ready portraits.

Then we were off to photograph the girls as they got ready.

Jennifer’s friend, Michelle, (who also happens to be my sister) took care of all of the food needs for the bridal party during the day. Trust me, you need someone like this on your wedding day. Michelle put together a beautiful little charcuterie brunch for the bride and bridesmaids as they got ready. She also did a lunch for the rest of the bridal party in the afternoon before the wedding.

Can we just talk about Jennifer’s bouquet for a moment? SO SO classy, elegant, and timeless. Definitely not a bouquet choice she will regret!

One of Jennifer’s requests for their day was, if we had time, she wanted to stop and take photos by her brother’s graves. I was determined we would make time for this, no matter what. Jenn has lost 2 brothers last few years, and I know it was very hard not to have them there.

Then it was a delicious light lunch for the bridal party, again by the dear Michelle.

After which we spent the last hour doing some bridal party portraits, and some family portraits.

But first, Jennifer’s siblings had a special surprise for her. They presented her with a gorgeous locket keychain with photos of her brothers to carry on her bouquet. It was such a beautiful thing, and I teared up a little bit just now thinking about it.

And then the wind started blowing and we realized the weather was about to cash in on that 40% chance of rain.

Jennifer is part of a very large family, she has great nephews already, so I was just a bit relieved when she said she didn’t want a full family photo, just her siblings. I know it was probably very difficult for both Jennifer and Jason that neither of their families were complete that day, but they took it with all the grace that they possess!!

Jennifer’s siblings
Jason’s stand-in family.

And then it started raining so we all dashed for cover for a bit. Thankfully it didn’t last long!!

Then the bridal party was off to the car (and trucks) to drive around the pond for the ceremony.

All the writing and signs were done by Liz Horst. (@lizzyartdesign)

While the guests were getting settled over at the reception tent, the bridal party did a quick toast for the bride and groom.

This bridal party was full of personality. I loved it.

They served banana pudding, and bourbon pecan pie for dessert.

After thanking their guests, they invited them all down to the dam for a sparkler exit and fireworks.

Congratulations, Jason & Jennifer!!!! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your day and document your beautiful love story.

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