Austin & Sage Wedding

Austin and Sage’s August wedding day dawned beautifully foggy and drizzling. When I woke up and realized what the weather was doing, I certainly spent some time in prayer about it. But then I remembered that I HAD remembered to bring my umbrellas, so we would just fine regardless.

By the time we got to the first look, the drizzling had pretty much stopped and we just had some glorious fog. We did have to pull out the umbrellas a couple times. Imagine my amusement when I realized during open mic time at the reception that the couple had actually MET under an umbrella. It just tickled me.

Sage put a lot of time into her details and planning, and she asked me questions about planning the day, which made me love her even more! I enjoyed this wedding day so much.

Love me some groom details!

We included the honorary couple in some of the bridal party photos as well, which is why you may notice 4 couples in some, and 3 in others.

These guys just had the best details! And rocked them proudly.
Pre-wedding prayer.


The groom’s sisters were just a lot of fun. =)

Sage’s décor was so beautiful. I loved her choice of greenery.

I love the way Sage’s dress is swishing in this photo! All the heart eyes. =)

There was plenty of laughter as a group of guys picked up the back of the truck and turned it around.

I am so glad we decided to grab some photos at the end of the day. These turned out to be some of my favorites!

Congratulations, Austin and Sage!! It was such an honor to capture your beautiful wedding day. ❤

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