Melvin & Alex

Melvin and Alex had a beautiful May wedding day.

Melvin is my husband’s cousin, and I was thrilled when they asked if I would photograph their day. We think so highly of this couple. However, their plans got turned upside down this spring with the arrival of the virus. They downsized their day to only their immediate family and a few close friends. I felt so privileged to still be able to be there and document their day.

Melvin learned the hard way that is never a good idea to scare your bride as she is concentrating on pinning the boutonniere. =) =)

Then we left for our photo location and completely forgot the brides bouquet at the the house. Thankfully Alex realized she had forgotten it within a few minutes and was able to ask her bridesmaids to bring it. They were only 5 minutes behind us, so we grabbed some shots with this beautiful tree while we waited on the bouquet to arrive.

This adorable Mini couple were not a fan of getting too close to each other. =)

Congratulations, Melvin and Alex!!! Thank you for allowing me to capture your most special day! We are so happy for you guys, and wish you years and years of happiness together!!

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