Joel & Anne – Wedding

I hardly know where to start on Anne and Joel’s wedding. This wedding was so special to be able to attend. Anne is one of my childhood friends and is incredibly dear to me. Anne came and helped me for a week after I had my last baby, and I remember thinking whoever snatched her up was going to be a lucky guy. I’m so so happy she found a wonderful guy in Joel, even though I don’t know him very well yet, I look forward to getting to know him a bit more in the future.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken photos before when the weather was doing such crazy things. It was cloudy, then sunny, then stormy looking during couple portraits. Then it was drizzling during bridal party pictures, not raining during family photos, and pouring during the ceremony. Made for a teeny bit of a stressful day, but we made it without anyone getting soaked!

Anne and Joel had to downsize their wedding quite dramatically. It was pretty much only family and close relations at the ceremony, and then just immediate family and some close friends at the little reception. But it was still beautiful. I think every guest who was invited to attend felt extra honored.

This was such a fun wedding morning. Anne’s mom made poppy seed scones and coffee. Anne’s sisters and mom were on hand to help get ready. It was the sweetest time.

Anne’s flowers are among my top favorite bouquets I’ve seen yet. Navy, Lavender, and light blue is an amazing color combo.

Remember what I said about the weather doing crazy things? These 2 were posed and the sun suddenly came out, but I kinda loved the shadows so I snapped some anyways before we moved.

Shoutout to a wonderful past bride, Damaris, who gave me these umbrellas short notice when we realized it was going to rain. She had bought them for her own wedding and then we didn’t use them.

I always enjoy seeing family photos in blog posts, so I plan to start sharing family photos in my posts from now on.

Anne and Joel had the sweetest intimate reception with only their immediate family and closest friends attending. It was decorated to perfection!!


Congratulations, Anne and Joel!! Wishing the two of you all the happiness in the world as you live your happily ever after.

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